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Been to Central Market be4?

Sorry guys for not updating my blog often these days. >< Will try to be more hardworking and write more soon! ^^

I've been out-station and working for a bank near Central Market recently. The Central Market is basically a shopping plaza for tourists (walking distance from Pasar Seni station), which i dont think many Malaysian would go there to shop! However working near the market gave me the opportunity to enter and shop, which for me is a hidden treasure! hahax~

The market only has 2 levels, but consisted lots of small stalls and shops that sells unique and handmade stuff. While the second level has a foodcourt, which i found the food are nice~~

My fav Pineapple Fried Rice

Another miss-not is Cucumber juice which they add sour plum in.
Unexpectedly it taste very very nice plus it's very healthy!
(Sorry forgot to take photo of it)
Yum Yum~~

During the last few days working at the bank, I grab the chance to shop again
and accidentally found this!!!!

A soft rabbit pencil case!!!!!


Aren't it cute?? It even had 50% discount~~ Which cost me only RM8.00 (actual price - RM15.90)


It gonna be my pencil case next sem~
Gonna play and cubit it during lectures.

Besides that, I also found another 'treasure'.

Ah Yuan Soap!!

Anyone heard of this product be4? I knew it from TV and magazines. This product origines from Taiwan, stress that it is made from wholly natural ingredients mainly herbs. The body shampoo or soap that we are using everyday had been added with lots of chemical which in long term will cause our skin failed to produce antibiotic against all kinds of skin disease. Ah Yuan's soap offers different types of soaps, each with its own function. (Google it up!)

Wana see how good it is, I bought two soaps that day:

Lemon (RM29.50)

Green Beans + Barli Soap (RM22.50)

The lemon soap is mainly for oily skin while the barli one is for whitening.
See it even appeared in the magazine i bought! ^v^

The soaps dont have any fragrance...
But after i used the Lemon soap..........

It feels so nice!!
Unexpectedly there's a lot of bubbles;
smooth touch...
Feels so refreshed and clean!

Strongly recommened if you have any skin disease or wana try out new products.


That's all from me till now. Keep me updated! Muaksss~

p/s: 2 weeks left till internship ends. Gonna enjoy my days~


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So that's where you got the bunny pencil case.

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