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Been to Central Market be4?

Sorry guys for not updating my blog often these days. >< Will try to be more hardworking and write more soon! ^^

I've been out-station and working for a bank near Central Market recently. The Central Market is basically a shopping plaza for tourists (walking distance from Pasar Seni station), which i dont think many Malaysian would go there to shop! However working near the market gave me the opportunity to enter and shop, which for me is a hidden treasure! hahax~

The market only has 2 levels, but consisted lots of small stalls and shops that sells unique and handmade stuff. While the second level has a foodcourt, which i found the food are nice~~

My fav Pineapple Fried Rice

Another miss-not is Cucumber juice which they add sour plum in.
Unexpectedly it taste very very nice plus it's very healthy!
(Sorry forgot to take photo of it)
Yum Yum~~

During the last few days working at the bank, I grab the chance to shop again
and accidentally found this!!!!

A soft rabbit pencil case!!!!!


Aren't it cute?? It even had 50% discount~~ Which cost me only RM8.00 (actual price - RM15.90)


It gonna be my pencil case next sem~
Gonna play and cubit it during lectures.

Besides that, I also found another 'treasure'.

Ah Yuan Soap!!

Anyone heard of this product be4? I knew it from TV and magazines. This product origines from Taiwan, stress that it is made from wholly natural ingredients mainly herbs. The body shampoo or soap that we are using everyday had been added with lots of chemical which in long term will cause our skin failed to produce antibiotic against all kinds of skin disease. Ah Yuan's soap offers different types of soaps, each with its own function. (Google it up!)

Wana see how good it is, I bought two soaps that day:

Lemon (RM29.50)

Green Beans + Barli Soap (RM22.50)

The lemon soap is mainly for oily skin while the barli one is for whitening.
See it even appeared in the magazine i bought! ^v^

The soaps dont have any fragrance...
But after i used the Lemon soap..........

It feels so nice!!
Unexpectedly there's a lot of bubbles;
smooth touch...
Feels so refreshed and clean!

Strongly recommened if you have any skin disease or wana try out new products.


That's all from me till now. Keep me updated! Muaksss~

p/s: 2 weeks left till internship ends. Gonna enjoy my days~



This is an email received from Hui Ching. Found it very interesting and somehow true indeed. Enjoy~ >o^
(For those who don't understand so sorry plz ask ur fren to translate. xp)
















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My frens always like to kacau me on my internship.
=> Too free everyday Facebook?
=> Busy? Y? Photostating?
=> What you do in new company? Serve tea?
=> U OT? Photostating till over-time?

My frens suck n lame ya i know.
Kick thier ass.
(Ya u know who u r.)

my LAME frens

I dun like working life.
More appropriate saying is

i miss UTP more.
missing d fun time day-dreaming in my bed
talking loudly with my frens

but not exam n assignments n projects
UTP is HOT nowadays.

but i'm starting to get worried on my
Final Presentation.
What to write?

WORRY la......

plus having d perfectionist n workaholic Mei Le wit me is like tis:

lagi die la....

How am i going to get an!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Forget it...
It's weekend n holiday.

I just wan to relax n hav fun.

I wan to live my life to d fullest.
Not to work to d fullest and die due to stress.

It's not me k?

And during this period
I've even planned where to go for next last sem break and graduation trip.
Ya hoo~

Beaches and sand,

Boys in Bikinis,
Lobsters calling me,
Paris opened its door,
Bali is raining flowers,
soon babies,
i'm only 21.
Wait for me k?
Love ya~



~my FAVOURITE among all~

Ok. Today's blog title is "My Favourite Fruit".
There's only one fruit in this world that will drive me crazy.

- sticking my eye sight on it whenever i see one,
- doesn't afraid of mom's big knife jz to grab the most 'ketul' of it,
- I can sensitively smell them far from the gate
even if my dad put them in d cupboard back at d kitchen,
- can eat up 2 biji (not ketul) by myself. It's big!
- Knows how to choose d good ones (pro dy ma~),
- Even fall sick also still insisting to eat it.

So guess wat's tat?

It's d King of Fruits!!!

Those who dun like durian i can jz say that u r a freek.
I'll look down on u!!

It's one of the God's greatest creation,
full of nice smell and fragrant,
smooth texture and variety of tastes
(bitter, milky, sweet, sticky etc...)
yum yum~~

My granpa had a big fruit farm be4.
My mom who grew up eating all kinds of tropikal fruits in d farm,
(who is also a durian pro like me)
teached me that
a good durian no need to be big,
hav a bit bengkok at d end (no need to be round round de),
can smell d fragrance from outside when it's ripe,
then it's a good durian.

Mom's advice...
works well!!

Comes to think about it...

I have not eat durian for quite some time dy...
not during internship yet.

I wonder whether it's durian season recently or wat,
ppl starting to sell durian at stalls again.
I wan i wan i wan!!!!
Seeing them each time at d roadside makes my saliva all comes out wei~

Then suddenly one day,
when i came back from work,
dearing asked me to go to his condo for dinner,
then i smell DURIAN...
but it's no where to found!
So i wonder it's his housemate de gua...

Who knows... After eating my rice for 2 scoop,
2 durians appeared!!

Wa so happy~~~
He bought me 2 durians.
Costed RM10 each.
No doubt are good durians.
Becoz hav all d requirements my mom told me!

It's bitter + sticky + sweet.
Conclusion: Nice till death.
Too damn nice.
No words can describe.

my over-joyed face

I finished up 2 whole durians.
(He ate less than 3 ketul).
He's not a durian lover like me tho.
But nvm...
As long as he buys for me,
and not complaining at d smell,
n it's ok.

Before (look at them! so beautiful!!)


So full.
So touched by him till wana cry.

Durian durian~ I love u~~~ ^0^v


~Coursemate Haur's 21 Birthday~

This is Chong Jia Haur- BIS

Haur's birthday falls on 7th Oct. When Bong asked where to celebrate for our beloved coursemate, i straight away think of this place - deFood Seafood, Kepong's famous crab restaurant which i went once with my boy. The food there is so nice that i was so anxious and looking forward for haur's birthday to come 1 week be4, of course with the purpose of celebrating Haur's birthday. Haha!

Then the day arrived. With 5 ppl - Haur, Bong, Yeh, Jason Anderson and me in a car, drove of to Kepong on 7pm after work, and me as the guide (holding an useless map) solely depending on my memory (which i only went ONCE). After driving for 20 mins, Haur asked me:"Sure bo tis is d correct way?" Me:"SURE!!!!!....................gua......." <Complete silence in d car> Lol! Hei i'm good in recognizing ways ok? Of course in the end reached without getting lost. *Claps* So proud of myself. ^0^ The restaurant was quite crowded altrough is in weekdays. And according to ppl it's very famous o~

List of the Best (they have more than 30 choices) :

We ordered two style of crab dishes - Black Stout and Creamy Butter Crabs. Haur keep saying Black Stout is nicer but i felt both r so damn nice~ (meaty and tasty!)

The Seaweed Soup (not tat nice - not many ingredients)

The Nan-Ru Pork Rib

The Zha Mantao (Fried white bun) - Damn nice when dip with crab's gravy.

Vege in Oyster sauce

In all we enjoyed the meal so much that not much conversation is made, and we started to take more pics after the meal.
After meal - Wow 5 hungry piggy.

And the meal cost us tis --->We belanja Haur the birthday boy on his special day (cant close his mouth smiling of joy). But the night has not end yet!! After sending Yeh to KTM station and getting lost on d way back for 15 mins, we headed back to haur's condo to eat his 21st birthday cake:

It's his favourite ice-cream cake specially ordered by his secret admire Bongie. Tasted so nice that everyone had more than 1 piece although our stomach is going to explore!! haha!

Needing to go for work the next day, we went back ard 1130pm, feeling upmost satisfied and happy, while humming d korean song "I wan nobody nobody but 'YOU~" d song kept playing in the mind whole nite... n i even heard Jason singing it in my version! lol!! ^0^

Again, wana wish ah Haur a very happy birthday and blessed year ahead~~ 3 comments

my first post~~ wakaka

Dear friends,

Ok ok, this is my 'new?' blog. Sign up for one just to spare my time since internship is not as busy and fun as ppl think of. Feeling a bit paiseh (nearly everyone have 1!!) and excited as well. Hahaha!

Another purpose that drives me to write blog is that i wana write down things that happen around me. As i go through different things everyday, go fun places, meet up with my cute friends, travel with my dearing and eat lots of good food, thus i wana share them, letting u guys update me as i know most of you miss me so much!! LOL!!

So stay tune to my upcoming post! And welcome to the Beautiful World, Wonderful Life of mine~ Chao~~ 5 comments